Write a article on environmental education

Numerous studies in the U.

Write a article on environmental education

Students explore where things come from and where things go to make connections between product choices and social, economic and environmental impacts.

Objectives Analyze patterns, causes and impacts from the production, consumption and disposal of everyday items; Appreciate the ethical dimension of reducing the social and ecological impacts of consumption; Appreciate the importance of changing the patterns and impacts of consumption; Identify principles of sustainable consumption; and Make connections between choices and impacts on environment, social and economic conditions.

Keywords Science, earth day, recycling, sustainable, products, environmental, impact, green Materials Needed An item of student clothing for each small group e. The time estimate is based on minute class periods. Preparation To prepare for this activity, you will need to determine which approach best suits your students.

When exploring prior knowledge, you may wish to select items that are easily accessible and allow students to generate more questions than they may have answers for.

Alternatively, you may prefer to have students explore prior knowledge of items, and student-friendly background information has been provided to assist you with this.

These are designed to allow them to compare their ideas with new information provided on an easy-to-read page. Prior Knowledge Explore what your students already know about how products are made and what happens to things when they are no longer needed.

Option A Have students select an item of clothing they are wearing and lead a class discussion. Option B Form small groups. Provide an item of student clothing to each group.

The items can be identical or each group could explore items made from different materials. Have students discuss what they know and think they know about the item, using questions to guide their discussion.

write a article on environmental education

Option C Form six small groups. Provide each group with either a cell phone, CD or a soccer ball. Have students discuss what they know about the item, using questions to guide their discussion. Discussion Questions Where is the item made? How far did it travel to get to you? What is it made from?

What else was needed to make this item? How often and for how long do you expect to use this item? How much did it cost to purchase? How much does that mean each use costs?

When you no longer need this item, where does it go? What will happen to it then? How is this a problem?

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What else could be done?Environmental Protection. Air pollution link to obesity. Katie Coyne 08/11/ - Exposure to high levels of near-roadway air pollution while in the womb and in the first year of life could lead to obesity later in life, a US study has found.

An environmental scientist identifies hazards to the environment or to the health of the earth's inhabitants, such as pollution.

write a article on environmental education

He or she then performs research to find ways to eliminate these hazards, or at least decrease their harmful effects. Perfect for Earth Day (April 22)!

Students explore the environmental impact of common products. Essays articles science environmental pollution essay How to write an essay for college admission officer common app essay and supplement essay similar dissertation elmar kroner learning essay essay writing for college applications obesity in america research paper youtube essay value computer education today articles real essays .

When you summarize or paraphrase someone else's information in several sentences or more, it feels awkward to put in a citation at the end of each sentence you write.

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