The spiritual autobiography essay

It can include your journey in, and out of, organized religion and all things spiritual. Writing your Spiritual Autobiography is an opportunity to identify specific experiences of God and to reflect on how those experiences have impacted you.

The spiritual autobiography essay

Slavery My journey to my personal salvation and acceptance of Christ as my Lord and savior actually is an interesting story in itself. I was baptized and confirmed as a member of the Baptist Church at the young age of five.

I was living in Meridian, Mississippi at the time due to my father being involved in the US Navy and always moving from one base to another. For the next six years of my life, I was truly devoted to the Church and attended every service, event or function that was hosted by the Church.

InI got sucked into the life of fast money, drugs, and even gangs. I became a member of the street gang, The Crips. I was making a lot of money and had totally lost sight of everything The spiritual autobiography essay had worked so hard to establish within my life as a Christian.

I literally had made a turn for worse in my life and was getting dangerous and worse by the minute. Fast forward a few years when the Lord had intervened in my life because He could see that it was going downhill at a rather fast pace.

I was in jail facing 28 years in prison because I had received a money order from my representative payee that handled my money received from serving in the Army. I took the money order into a local store and attempted to cash it. I was not aware that it would turn out to be a fake money order.

I requested to speak to the chaplain at the jail and asked for help to get me right with the Lord I once knew. That night, in my cell, I fell to my knees and gave my life back to Jesus. From that day on, I have gotten back involved with the Church and focused my energy and passion into the Church.

InI studied hard and learned everything I needed to know to serve in the Church.

The spiritual autobiography essay

I graduated from both programs with a 3. I have been much happier ever since I have returned to the Lord and have not looked back since. I have also written three books, one poetry book and I am actually in the process of working on an autobiography that outlines my life from day one. InI launched Operation: We specialize in assisting victims who have gotten caught up in the Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery and Traveling Magazine and door-to-door Sales trades get safe haven, as well as, the securement of Greyhound or Airplane Tickets home to their hometown where they were originally lured into the life of Human Trafficking.

The spiritual autobiography essay

In conclusion, I believe that I have lived a life full of twists, turns and all around craziness and I pray every day that the Lord continues to give me the courage to face these demons and the strength to back them down so that I will never fall off of the path of righteousness and His salvation.

I have also used my life as a tool to help others come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and anywhere · Easily improve any text · Eliminate grammar errors · Detect plagiarism.

My Spiritual Autobiography essaysGod allowed me to be born into the ideal Christian home. My parents took us to church three times a week, had family devotionals, prayed before every meal, and set impeccable examples for us four children to observe and follow.

AUTOBIOGRAPHY Over the 10 weeks I have been learning about what an autobiography is and other things as well. (In my opinion, an autobiography entails someone’s life story from the time they can remember up until present day, and is written and edited by that person).

Oct 31,  · cdf instructs students in Spiritual Autobiography with their papers with the help of Brian McKnight. Spiritual Autobiography. November 17, Below you will find my 3-page autobiographical essay. “I may not have gone where I intended to go, I grew up in a Christian home with my mother serving as the spiritual head of the family.

She persistently reminded me (though at times, it felt more like nagging) to read my Bible . I grew up in a Christian home with my mother serving as the spiritual head of the family.

She persistently reminded me (though at times, it felt more like nagging) to read my Bible and pray. We occasionally had good conversations about faith, and she explained why she cared so much for my spiritual development.

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