The history of the use of makeup

From ancient Greece to the theater of the Orient to present-day Broadway, theatrical makeup has been an integral part of any play.

The history of the use of makeup

Powders and blushes for flawless complexion. Liners and primers make my face perfection. Glossed painted nails and smoked sultry eyes. Those are the things that appeal to us guys. Makeup is often associated with femininity. For this reason, you may be forgiven for taking a second glance at a man wearing it.

While it may seem unusual, the use of aesthetic enhancing cosmetics by men has a strong and well-documented place in history, whether it be for expressive or aesthetic enhancement.

The aim of this article is to briefly inform you of the use of cosmetics by men throughout the ages. Makeup is often regarded as a feminine indulgence, however existing research disproves such an accusation.

In The University of Bristol found evidence suggesting Neanderthals wore makeup over 50, years ago. They claimed that when fresh this mixture would have created a stunning black surface, undoubtedly used for cosmetic purposes.


If this is true, why is it that makeup is often categorized as a female adornment? Eye makeup is said to have been used within their culture as early as BC. The Ancient Egyptians are known for their regal and elaborate eye enhancement.

En vogue eye colour pallettes were black, applied using kohl, and during the Old Kingdom BC to BC a green pigment created by malachite was preferential. Furthermore, It was not uncommon for red ochre lip stains to be applied, accompanied by rouged cheeks and dramatic highlights — created by sweeping mineral across the face using smoothed wood or bone.

In addition to aesthetic gain, Egyptians often used makeup for practical, medicinal and magic purposes. For example, oils that were used to protect laborers from the sun were also scented — acting much like a modern fragrance.

A further example of such would be the Egyptians use of green eye decoration. The green pigment was believed to induce or evoke the God of Sky and Sun, Horus. It was not uncommon within ancient Egyptian society for a man to beautify his eyes before leaving for work or an evening meal — the most famous example being King Tutankhamen.

Additionally, the length and colour of ones nails often indicated social status within society. If a mans makeup was once an indicator of his power and status within society; what has changed during the course of history in order for it become somewhat of a taboo?

Fragrant oils once used by The Egyptians were adopted by Roman culture in hedonistic sexual exploits. The piece de resistance of roman cosmetology came in the form of mud baths filled with crocodile excrement.

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Midway through the 1st century AD, Men using makeup was commonplace within Roman society.Eye Beauty – The Windows of the soul – excerpt from Classic beauty – The History of Makeup.. The eyes are not only the windows to the soul, but powerful communication tools.

A simple glance can reveal the true intentions of its sender. History of MakeUp Products The long and interesting story of makeup history can change the way you look at your cosmetic products forever, and here is the perfect place to see for yourself how was Makeup introduced to the modern world of fashion.

Dec 07,  · Makeup included.

The history of the use of makeup

Men partook in an abundance of beauty treatments including the use of egg and honey masks to smooth away wrinkles. As eye makeup was to Egyptians, pale skin was to Elizabethans. Unknowingly to them the makeup used to create the favored complexion contained lead and often resulted in premature death.

The techniques of makeup used in these spaces are quite different from those of cosmetic makeup, and the professional makeup artist's skills are typically acquired over the . The long and interesting story of makeup history can change the way you look at your cosmetic products forever, and here is the perfect place to see for yourself how was Makeup introduced to the modern world of fashion.

Facts about Cosmetics. Cosmetic products have managed to have really great impact on our lives, fashion, culture and history.

The history of the use of makeup

Makeup use began with ancient Egyptians around B.C., though it wasn't just women who wore it. Both men and women donned almond-shaped eyeliner and used skin care oils and perfumes to protect the skin and prevent body .

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