Personification writing activities

All students will write in clear, concise, organized language that varies in content and form for different audiences and purposes.

Personification writing activities

Personification Writing Activities for Kids We wrote personification poetry and short stories. When animals or objects take on human traits they are being personified. Children's books and personification writing activities are full of personification as there are often talking animals.

Then we each selected a topic and spent several minutes just listing things our object might do. For example, I created the following list for the topic computer. Here's my 12 year old daughter's poem free write.

It'll make me feel thinner, I'll eat the biggest cake in the town! And it ran away like the gingerbread man.

personification writing activities

She feels proud and likes to work hard. He calls to boats to warn them as the fog tries to grab them.

personification writing activities

One day a bridge is built over his head and he feels sad until he discovers he is still needed. After reading these two books filled with personification, we spent 15 minutes free writing our own personification stories. The kids really like sharing their work with each other.

Here's my son's personification story. Pencil-Pencil-Pencil-Pencil Once upon a time there was a pencil. The pencil had a pen for a dad and a marker for a mom. The penicl was a boy, so the dad said, "be a good pencil and someday you'll be a pen. One day when he turned 20, he went to the mirror and saw he was a red pen.

The dad was happy because now he had a different color to color with. You see, if a dad pen has a kid pen, that turns 20, he'll have his color and his 20 year old son's also.

So now the dad pen had red and black.

Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Figurative Language Questions for Tests and Worksheets

When the 20 year old pen moved away the dad pen was sad. So the teenager pen called him.This lesson is intended as a mini lesson that teaches children what a personification is and how to write a personification.

In my classroom, I use this lesson to jump start my students into using personifications in their creative writing prompts. would be a perfect book to use during writing!

I was surprised at the amount of figurative language (personification and similes) used throughout the book! We've been talking about personification and my students love when they find examples in their reading.

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Join the popular membership section!! Personification Worksheets The use of personification in poetry or literature is common.

Personification is the attributing of human characteristics, thoughts or emotions to something that is non-human. Therefore, we have a good example of personification. Directions: Highlight or circle the objects being compared or the object being personified in each sentence.

Then, circle the answer that correctly identifies the figurative language used in the sentence. Simile, Metaphor and Personification . provides personification word lists, printables, and interactive games and activities that give students the opportunity to distinguish between literal and nonliteral language, interpret, and practice personification in written work.

Personification is Calling You- Teaching Personification using Poems and Pop Rocks -