Matchmaking programme

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Matchmaking programme

Parent to parent support offers a parent of a person with a developmental disability or special health care need the opportunity to be connected one-to-one with another parent who knows first-hand about the feelings and realities that come with having a family member with a disability or chronic illness.

Through the one-to-one match the Matchmaking programme support parent provides emotional support to the referral parent and assists them in finding information and resources.

Research on parent to parent programs indicates: Parent to Parent helps parents make progress on the need they present when they first contact a Parent to Parent program. Parents are matched, based on their request, with a trained Support Parent who has a child with a similar disability, chronic illness, health care concern or to help with parenting issues.

Over parents have entered our statewide support parent network. Parents and other primary family caregivers are offered the opportunity to connect one-to-one with a parent or caregiver of an individual with the same of similar disability or special health care need - someone who has "been there".

Whether you're standing in the middle of your living room as the EMS people are asking question after question as your holding your child during a Grand Mal seizure or you're sitting in the emergency room on New Year's Eve and watching the clock strike twelve as the ER doctor is asking if you have a DNR because your son has stopped breathing during a seizure.

Those are the times that you feel alone knowing that outside the doors of that hospital the world continues and at that moment you feel like no one can relate to you.

Board Posting and Matching Programs*

No parent should feel that way. They should know that …. If you live in New York State and would like to be matched with a Support Parent, you can request a match through this website or by contacting your Regional Office. For more information about Support Parents:To increase the odds that a mentoring relationship will endure and be effective, it needs a strong foundation.

This begins with a good match. Good matches stem from a high-quality matching process that includes program-specific criteria and takes into account the .

Matchmaking programme

The GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program is not part of the GE employee/retiree benefits program, but rather is offered as a public service by the GE Foundation, the charitable foundation established by GE.

Thank you for your interest in the SourceDirect Matchmaking program. Appointments for the March Factory Matchmaking service are not yet open.

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A chance to gather and celebrate life, love, good music and great times! This Viewpoint proposes a surgical fellowship interview match system that would precede the current fellow’s matching program, reduce the number of unproductive.

Calculations for Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Program Priority List (1) For each Funding Cycle, the Department shall provide State Matching Grants to Districts from designated resources in the Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Account.