Indira gandhi information in hindi language

Get your essay on Indira Gandhi in Hindi language from the masters Essay on Indira Gandhi in Hindi information One fact is that you will not be asked to write an essay on Indira Gandhi in Hindi if you have nothing to do with the Hindi language. However, on another note, this great ancient language is also preserved and used by a lot of educationally aware people.

Indira gandhi information in hindi language

What did indira gandhi do? Indira Gandhi was India's third prime minister, and its very firstfemale prime minister. She was also only the second woman tobecome a prime minister anywhere in the world! She served during a time of great changes for India while it wasbecoming a great power of South Asia.

She made a lot of changes toIndia's constitution after declaring a state of emergency from, giving the centralized federal government more power. No there is no relation between them, as the name Gandhi with Indra came after marrying with feroze Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi is what relation to Mahatma Gandhi? There was no blood relation. There is no direct relationship.

Indira gandhi information in hindi language

Indira took the name of Gandhi when she married Feroze Khan Gandhi, who was not related to Mahatma Gandhi either althoughWikipedia claims Mahatma Gandhi adopted Feroze Khan only courtafffidavite changed the name so he could marry Indira, but anothersource says he was persuaded--not adopted--by Mahatma to change hissurname.

However, Indira was the daughter of another prominent politicalleader of 20th century India, Jawaharlal Nehruthefirst prime minister of India and a protege of Mohandas Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Indira Gandhi ornot directly related.

This is a politically coerced relation. Indira Gandhi married Feroze Khan, a Muslim. So underpolitical pressure Mr Khan was forced to change his name to Gandhi. Indira's maiden name was Nehru and her marriedsurname was Khan.

So if she choose to keep her maiden nameshe'dhave sounded like Indira Nehru. The word Gandhi came out ofnowhere. So the summarizethe reasons are: Who turned to Fer oz Gandhi only because Indira was a Hindu who could not marry a Muslim and Jawarlal Nehru din not want to be disgraced in front of the government because he was a true Hindu therefore Mohandas adopted him and got the two Fer oz And Indira married.

The most important thing you teach child is to he indeoendant Share to: Indiara gandhi hasalso described this in her books.Jul 29,  · Read: MAST HINDI JOKES. Tag: Profile of Indira Gandhi, Indira Gandhi Profile in Hindi, Hindi, Indira gandhi and secret of her death.

PREVIOUS | NEXT/5(62). Oct 31,  · Born on November 19, , in Allahabad, India, Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was the sole child of Kamala and Jawaharlal Nehru. As a member of the Indian National Congress, Nehru had been influenced by party leader Mahatma Gandhi, and dedicated himself to .

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Indira Gandhi Short Biography In Hindi And All Information About Indira Gandhi In Hindi Language With Life History For Students Writing Essay.

Indira gandhi information in hindi language

Watch video · Indira Gandhi was India's third prime minister, serving from until , when her life ended in assassination. She was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister.

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