Ice core

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Ice core

Ice Core Data from Vostok, Siberia

Particularly in the polar region, but also at high elevations elsewhere, snow falls on an annual cycle and remains permanently. Over time, a few decades, the layers of snow compact under their own weight and become ice.

By drilling through that ice, and recovering cylinders of it, it is possible to reconstruct records of temperature and of atmospheric gases for periods of hundreds of thousands of years.

Technologically the recovery of ice cores and their analysis is an amazing feat. Secondly, to analyse the content of the air bubbles, and determine not only the proportion of different gases but also the proportion of specific isotopes of those gases is also technologically challenging.

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Whilst ice cores allow direct measurement of atmospheric gases, like CO2 and Methane, some care is needed in interpreting the results. This is because of the fact that, while the snow is being compressed into ice, gas transfer may occur between the atmosphere and the layers of ice.

Because the gases in the atmosphere are mixed and decay over time this adds another element of uncertainty. In effect, the data represent the average over a period of time, which can be several decades; a corollary of this is that data calculated from ice cores, for temperature of CO2 for example, will have less variation than the measured record.

Orbital tuning refers to calibrating the times against the Milankovitch cycles and the associated changes in radiation Figure 1. In the case of temperature no direct measurement is possible.

Explaining the science of Antarctic glaciers

The temperature values are estimated from different isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen. The methodology is based on the assumption that different isotopes evaporate at different rates depending on the temperature.

It is generally considered that the best estimate of temperature from ice cores is based on the use of both Oxygen and Deuterium. Another complication is that ice is not stationary, which means that the ice collected at lower layers may not be the ice that was originally underneath the upper layers.

Despite all of these limitations, it is generally accepted that ice cores give a good representation of temperature over very long periods. They are able to answer such questions as what drives the cycle of ice ages and warm periods and what is the role of CO2 in long-term climate change.

As the ice in Antarctica is mostly over land, as opposed to the Arctic where most of the ice is floating on sea, this makes it ideal for deep core sampling.

EPICA is the deepest of the ice cores and it also goes farthest back in time.

Ice core

Figure 2 shows the temperature and radiation data as calculated from the Milankovitch cycles. As can be seen, there is good agreement between the timing of orbital cycles and the temperature changes. It is also noticeable that there is a tendency for times of higher radiation to be associated with higher temperature but the correspondence is far from perfect.

Figure 3 shows temperature and CO2.The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program that administers the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

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Ice core basics

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Ice core

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Ice cores store atmospheric bubbles from a million years ago