Gruffalos child writing activities

Code Activity for Kids- Gruffalo Coding Sheet February 23, By Deirdre A great way to work on story retelling and building an algorithm is to select a story that your children love already. I bet your kids love it too.

Gruffalos child writing activities

Reader's Reviews 1 A charming picture book, which fully deserves all its plaudits. The minute animation, first broadcast at Christmasis excellent. It really sticks to the book — I only wish more TV programs would!

The pictures are attractive, but it's the effective use of rhyme that really raises the book above many others. The language is very carefully thought out - each page is beautifully simple, and so easy to read aloud with feeling.

The theme of fear of gently developed, and cleverly dissipated with humour: Your son or daughter will soon be quoting some of the best lines: It has just the right amounts of silly, scary, and adventure.

The timing and cadence make it fun to read aloud. I highly recommend this for kids ages 5—8. It is a brilliantly written rhyming story, with repetition and has a great deal of expression within the speech.

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Until he comes across a real gruffalo and goes on to show the gruffalo that he, the mouse, is the scariest creature in the wood. This is a funny book which will appeal to children of all ages and I think that adults will enjoy reading it to them.

From looking at the book, you may think that children will be frightened of the monster, the gruffalo, but it is very well written so that the gruffalo is in fact not a scary character, and is scared of the mouse in the end! The illustrations in the book go with the written text brilliantly and really set the story alive for children who enjoy looking at pictures to accompany their imagination.

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The language used in the book is suitable for children as young as 2 to understand and is appropriate for primary school children to read aloud. As well as this book being a great asset in a classroom for literacy, it provides many other cross-curricular benefits as children could use it as the basis of a drama activity, or as part of an art lesson where children can create their own monsters.

Although this book is suitable for children from 2 to 8, I think it would be particularly useful for children in Foundation stage or Year 1 introducing them to rhyming books and enabling them to relate to characters in stories providing many reading and writing opportunities.

One of many fantastic books by Julia Donaldson! The wood is brought to life by a little mouse who takes a stroll through the deep dark woods; along the way he meets many dangerous creatures whom he scares off by the creation of an imaginary creature.

It is very colourful and the pages are brought to life by the fantastic illustrations of Axel Scheffler. There are lots of online resources available to support this book. The book is written by Julia Donaldson and accompanied with illustration by Axel Scheffler. His illustrations are lively, colourful and help the subject of the story to not be intimidating to younger children in any way.

During his journey he encounters many predators intent on eating him; however, the mouse uses cunning to scare them away. The dominate theme in the book is the moral of the smallest using intelligence to overcome the brawny and intimidating; a lesson children of all ages can relate to.

Rhyme is used consistently and repletion frequently by Donaldson. These features make the book wonderful to read with younger children as the rhyme and repetition make it very memorable. For older children, techniques such as alliteration and assonance are introduced.

The book could be highly beneficial as an educational tool, predominantly in the foundation stages and key stage one. The woodland setting of the book could encourage lessons on nature where children could even create their own Gruffalo forest in outside areas of a school.

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The pictures make the book accessible to children to read without being literate as the pictures follow the written parts of the story accurately. The illustrations also allow young children to use their imagination, this could be developed into an art class, designing their own Gruffalo or simply painting him.

Along his way he meets several animals who also invite him for lunch. After the mouse explains that he already has plans he describes to each of them who the Gruffalo is and what he looks like.A fantastic set of story sequencing images for the story of the Gruffalo.

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gruffalos child writing activities

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We have thousands of colouring pages, kids crafts, educational resources, puzzles, printables of all sorts, worksheets, sudoku for kids and lots more fun activities for kids! Each writing frame contains a picture from the story.

I used this as a group activity with each child writing one part of the story - then compiled the frames into a book. Gather students back together and display the lesson The Gruffalo Book Lesson for Kids: Story & Characters.

(If you don't have a shared-reading device, go ahead and print copies of the text and. There are masses of great games and activities and fun stuff you can download here. So there's no need to be bored like the Gruffalo's Child!

If you're looking for GAMES, be sure to visit the Deep Dark Wood! Feb 14,  · Hi! I have an interview in the next few weeks, and I have to teach a 20 min,lesson based on one of the Julia Donaldson books. I am teaching 8 children from reception, yr1 and yr2.

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