First day of school writing activities 2nd grade


First day of school writing activities 2nd grade

First Day of School In Second Grade August 2, By Laura Santos 25 Comments In the primary grades, the ultimate goal of the first day of school is to make sure everyone eats something at some point during the day and gets home safely hopefully with no tears.

If you can make it through the day with those goals accomplished… you owned it. Luckily, you probably achieve more than those three basics and feel unstoppable after your first day back in the classroom. First Day Fave 1: Introducing Routines The first day of school is where classroom management magic begins each year.

I jump right into interactive modeling for each routine and procedure we need in order to succeed throughout the year. There are times when I feel crazy modeling every little detail of life in the classroom, but it pays off in the long run. If I went into the details of every interactive model my students participated in on the first day of school, this blog post would turn into a book.

I will, however, note a few of my favorite read alouds and video clips for introducing more complicated routines and procedures.

first day of school writing activities 2nd grade

I do, indeed, read every one of these books on the first day of school. The power of a strongly-connected read aloud is undeniable and my students pick up on that philosophy very quickly.

What If Everybody Did That? This is the perfect book for launching a discussion about how to demonstrate R. After reading, we discuss how we can show R. T Contract, which is taken home and signed by parents that evening. To read more about using Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners, visit my post here.

Interested in bringing the R. Classroom Behavior Management System into your own classroom? First Day Fave 3: Hopes and Dreams Banners After lunch, I read aloud Miss Rumphius, the story of a woman who lives a life of adventure but does not feel fulfilled until she realizes how to make the world a more beautiful place.

We have a class discussion about what it means to make the world a more beautiful place, why it is important to have hopes and dreams, and how we can do all of these things in our own lives.

Students then create hopes and dreams banners. Last year, I had them set three goals that would help them to succeed throughout the year.

This year, I plan to have them write down two hopes and dreams they have for the year and one way they plan to make the world more beautiful.

These banners take a few days to complete and are ready just in time to hang for Back To School Night. They are a perfect conversation starter as parents begin to gather in your classroom before your official presentation begins.


First Day Fave 4: Self Portraits Another activity we start on day one is a tear art self portrait. This is the perfect afternoon activity during the first days of school because it is so calm.

Second graders are pretty sleepy after lunch when they are easing back into the school routine, so we spend some of our afternoon hours doing art, P. These portraits were displayed on our wall during the first month of school — they are a strong first step in giving students the opportunity to display their personalities and creativity in the classroom.

First Day Fave 5: Each day during the first two weeks, I write a few student letters and send them home on Friday of the second week. These little notes are filled with words about how excited I am to have each student as part of our class community and a special strength they have already demonstrated during their first weeks.

I would love to hear about your top five first day faves in the comments below.Second Grade Back to School Worksheets & Printables.

Let's Stay Connected! Back to School Resource Page First Day Hunt To familiarize students with the school and personnel, I take students on a hunt for a certain goodie cookies, watermelon, etc. Before school begins I hide the goodie somewhere on campus and write out clue cards.
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It's time for your child to head off to his first day of second grade! These second grade back to school worksheets will help your child stay on task all year long. Reading & Writing.

Reading Worksheets. Reading Comprehension Gr. 1. Reading Comprehension Gr. 2. 2nd Grade. Personal Introduction. Valerie has to bring a personal item to the class on the first day of school. She'll have to present it to the class so they get to know her.

Some of the worksheets displayed are Second and third grade writing folder, Practice book o, Vocabulary 2nd grade homophones, Grade 2 time work, Back to school word search, Second grade math minutes, Grammar practice book treasures grade 2, The first day of school.

This activity pack is filled with things to do during the first few weeks of 2nd grade to get your students excited about the school year.

Second Grade Writing Sheet For The First Day Of School Worksheets - Printable Worksheets

First Day of School & Back to School Activities (Second Grade) | Jitter Juice. Preview. The Night Before Second Grade Writing Activity {p} Activity Instructions {p} 4/5(K). First Week of 2nd Grade Activities and Ideas. September 10, After reading (and making a prediction as to who is nervous and worried about their first day of school) the students wrote about how they felt coming to school that day.

It is also a perfect insight as to where students are in their writing, I gave each. The second day I do a lot of review of the rules. Practice, practice, practice. I try to spend a lot of time on rules and procedures during the first week of school.

It definitely saves time later in the school year. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to post pictures of our first days of school and I promise to post some classroom photos this week.

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