Barclays bank business plan

This bank has unique and sophisticated banking solutions, which it spreads to its clients living in different countries and help them in maintaining their financial position. Its regular customers can avail its various facilities and services. The bank offers its services of wealth management, retail and wholesale banking, investment banking, credit cards and mortgage lending.

Barclays bank business plan

January 15, Executive Summary Barclays banking group has been in existence for over years, a period in which the company has grown from strength to strength. The bank has been on the forefront in introducing new innovations to the banking sector with the ATM being the most outstanding introduction.

The company has however found the going tough in recent years as harsh financial times have been made worse by controversies and scandals. The challenges however do not mean the bank cannot regain its leading position in the market, through development and implementation of a strategic plan, the bank should be contesting for the pole position in the industry.

This will involve identification of the challenges barclays bank business plan opportunity posed by the environment in which the company operates so as to come up with the most beneficial strategy. The institution that started as a bank for goldsmiths has grown tremendously just as the markets has developed.

Through its visionary and innovative leaders Barclays has grown to a world known banking institution with operations in more than 50 countries. This is however the result of strategic planning coupled with encouraging economic periods.

Strategic planning can be termed as a holistic process that aims at not only improving but also transforming every aspect of a company or institution so as to achieve better results and better cope with its challenges.

Barclays strategic plan is to identify its market position in each individual market and identify ways in which to achieve better results either through financial, corporate barclays bank business plan policy adjustments.

This is to be achieved guided by the values of respect, integrity, stewardship, service and excellence. Winning together which aims at achieving collective and individual success is the first principle. Pioneering and Trust are the last two principles and focus specifically on driving new ideas and acting with the highest integrity to retain the trust of customers, colleagues and stakeholders respectively.

Strategy Strategic planning is the systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating the vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps of achieving them. A company can formulate and achieve its strategic plan using various strategies.

There are five main models of strategic planning which are; vision based strategic planning model, the issue based model, scenario based model, organic strategic model and the alignment model McNamara, The vision based strategic model is the most commonly applied as it acts as a guide to all the operations of the company.

It involves the establishment of mission and vision, establishing goals that are in line with vision and mission, advancement of strategies and action plans as The Road Map and monitor and evaluate implementation Ezendu, Barclays banking group already have this model established and working.

The company however is re-strategizing and has used the issue-based model which is usually termed as more comprehensive and effective McNamara, This approach involves the identification of the major challenge facing the company which in our case is non-profitability.

The company should then update its mission, vision and values, establishing action plans, develop a yearly operating plan and monitor or reviewing the strategic plan document to note the level of progress McNamara, Barclays bank has not been successful throughout its existence and had its own fair share of challenges and scandals.

This resulted to the bank focusing its attention on cutting down its costs as it key strategy as it planned to restructure. This resulted to cutting down its workforce by over 8 percent in its investment banking division in the American market Alden, The model which main goal is delivering value is guided by four guidelines which are creating, growing and protecting wealth, providing essential banking services, value to shareholders and value to society.

The banking group aims at balancing the four businesses which are personal and corporate, Barclaycard, Africa and investment so as to reduce its volatility exposure. The company will be focused on international bank, operating in areas where we have capability, scale and competitive advantage.

In the future, Barclays will be leaner stronger and much better balanced. The organizational structure is also set to change with the levels being reduced to five from six.

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The profitability is set to be achieved through cutting down of expenses which will involve cutting down of the number of employees and considerably slashing its fixed-income operations Speculations, This is a goal that drives the thinking, decisions and actions of the company.

It is to be achieved by setting a direction and set of standards for the company. In January the Company reviewed how it operates business and set stewardship as the main purpose of the company.

This is to be achieved through a set of values that each employee needs to live and breathe for them to have a true meaning. The first value is respect which aims at respecting and valuing those we work with and the contribution that they make. The company should also uphold integrity by acting fairly, ethically and openly in all that it does.

The third value is service whose purpose is to have the clients and customers at the centre of all the company does and through excellence use all the energy, skills and resources to deliver the best, sustainable results. The last value is stewardship whose motto is leaving things better than we found them.

Objectives and Responsibilities Any institution or organization has to explain its reason for existence and what service it will be of to the society or government for it to be issued with a certificate of operation.

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Barclays banking group therefore has its own objectives which are to run and develop as a well known business, build a close relationship with their customers and to build for the future and to spread all over the world.We asked Barclays' new head of prime sales what's driving massive hedge-fund launches and how the bank plans to win back business from Wall Street competitors.

Nov 23,  · Barclays Mercantile Business Finance, Ltd., doing business as Barclays Asset and Sales Finance, along with its subsidiaries, provides retail and . Yes. Barclays Bank Delaware is a member of the FDIC, so our deposit accounts are insured up to the maximum amount allowed by law. If you want to learn more about FDIC insurance limits, visit .

The Brexit Fallout And Barclays. Jul.

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3, AM ET what does that mean to a UK bank like Barclays? What is the impact of Brexit on the investment bank? Can its business model survive.

barclays bank business plan

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Barclays is the first – and only – bank to reward small business customers for their loyalty 30 May Barclays today launches a new Business Current Account for small and medium sized businesses (with turnover up to £5million) and is the first, and only, business bank account to reward customer loyalty.

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